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Housing renovation from A to Z

We as experts in Oslo and area we take your home remodeling and renovation from your dream to reality.

Our experienced professionals handle everything from total renovation to remodeling of bathrooms and kitchens for private individuals, businesses and commercial buildings. With a fixed price, professional coordination, and simple processes, we give you the best possible end result.

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Painting work

Let professional painters take care of the job for you! Our experienced team ensures beautiful and durable results, from single rooms to housing cooperatives. We give you the best price, use quality products and provide a simple and tidy experience.

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Rehabilitation of buildings

Proper maintenance extends the life of the building, but sometimes more extensive efforts are required. As rehabilitation specialists, we take care of everything, from window replacement to ceiling and floor. Whether it is upgrading the interior surfaces or total renovation of bathrooms, common areas or balconies, we ensure quality at the right price and time. With broad experience and satisfied customers, we are experts on successful rehabilitation.

Carpenter work

Our experienced carpenters take care of everything from wall migration to patio building. We use high quality materials with a focus on sustainability. As carpenters, we offer tailor -made solutions, from wardrobes to kitchen. With years of experience and regular partners, we coordinate everything from electricians to plumbers, so you can have one supplier throughout the process. Stress -free and safe, whether it is to realize the dream terrace or mount a new kitchen.

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Building extension

Extension is an ideal way to expand the home, whether it is an extension mounted on existing building stock or an extension of the foundations. Our experienced professionals handle everything from carpentry to electrician and plumbing, and make the process seamless. With dedicated carpenters and project managers, we are experts on extensions and supplements, using certified high quality materials. Choose us as your building partner to realize your dreams with dedicated professionals and solid craft tradition.

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Satisfied guarantee

There are certain things you should never do yourself. Pipes and electricity are two such disciplines, which require years of experience and dedicated professionals. That is why we always work with permanent partners in the plumbing and electrician industry. For you, it means predictability, security and the certainty that the job is done right. For us, this means that we know all our partners well, so we can help you realize all projects, whether it be wet rooms, bathroom renovation or new electrical facility for your home.

Daio Hus AS was established in 2022 after the merger of two family businesses that have existed in the Oslo area for 15 years. The company offers all the renovation of housing and cleaning services, both to companies and private individuals in Oslo and Østfold.

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